'Mostellaria' Gala Night Reception

Manor Hall

"A spoilt young man's life of drink and women is ruined by the sudden return of his disapproving mother. Can his loyal manservant's tale of a ‘haunted house’ throw her off the scent and save his hapless master...?"

To celebrate the final performance of this term's MAD production of Plautus' *Mostelleria* the Manor Hall Association are holding their first Gala Night Reception.

Guests will be treated to pre-performance wine and snacks in the newly-refurbished reception room before front row seats to the production.

Association members receive priority tickets.
Only 40 tickets are available to this exclusive event so get yours now!

Tickets are now on sale - email events@manorhallassociation.co.ukto get yours now!

Mostellaria is also being performed on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th. Tickets for standard performances are available on the UBU Theatre website. More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/660493457305277/?source=1