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The MHA Fund

In addition to all the work that the Association does to keep alumni in touch with what’s going on in the Hall today we also have a constitutional obligation to look after the well being of the Hall and its current residents. Manor Hall is unique within the University of Bristol insomuch as its sense of community is deeply woven into its fabric: it is the fuel that fires every facet of life within Manor Hall from the Junior Common Room (JCR) to Manor Amateur Dramatics (MAD).

The Association is here to support this Hall and part of this means as of 2012 we maintain a small fund for use by the Hall and its various committees should need arise. Such examples might be a new piece of lighting equipment for MAD or something to commemorate a special anniversary such as the 75th or 80th. This is where the MHA Fund comes into play.

The fund itself is made up entirely of donations and proceeds from specific fundraising events, in any given year the Association will opt to support one charity with the results of all fundraising efforts being split between this charity and the fund. As the Association has charitable status itself we are able to reclaim gift aid on all donations made by UK taxpayers.

When an application for financing from the fund is received the Executive Committee will take into account the overall benefit to the Hall the proposed acquisition will make. It is hoped the residents and alumni alike will bond over future fundraising events to not only help the Hall but also a number of other worthwhile causes.

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