The Elton House Award

Each year, up to two members of the Association are awarded the prestigious Elton House Award for outstanding service to the Manor Hall community. Nominated by their peers, award winners are recognised as pillars of Hall and through this award we are able to give a little back in thanks of their efforts.

Among other things, the recipients will receive three years free membership of the MHA. Nominations are accepted in the summer term and the winner announced at the end of the year.

The name of the award comes from the precursor to the Manor Hall Association, The Elton House Association which was founded in 1925. Elton House was one of the all-female student houses that were merged in 1932 to create Manor Hall. The rest, as they say, is history.


Physics and Philosophy
Tom came to Manor Hall in 2014 to read Physics and Philosophy. Since his arrival he has been constantly involved in the life of the Hall. In his first year, he was elected as Entertainments Rep for the JCR and subsequently was appointed JCR Co-President in the Easter Term, becoming one of the first holders of this office to live outside of the Hall. It is in this role that has led to praise from his peers and ultimately this award for an ambitious and varied JCR calendar, increasing its influence in the Hall and laying the foundation for a strong JCR in years to come. He introduced the Debating Society, supported the new Manor Hall Choir and, at the end of his tenure, secured funding for a new electric organ in the Great Hall.
Senior Resident
Chris came to Manor Hall as a Senior Resident in 2014. As one of the Senior Residents with responsibility for the JCR he was a constant source of counsel and advice, in which no small part helped the 2015/16 JCR become one of the most effective the Hall has seen for some years. Chris received nominations from the whole spectrum of the Manor Hall community which perfectly illustrates how far his efforts have gone in making Manor such a special place to live. Thanks to his tireless endeavours, future JCRs have a very firm foundation on which to build.


Joel first came to Manor Hall in 2013 as an undergraduate reading Geology; before returning in 2014 as a Senior Resident. It is his efforts in his role as Senior Resident with responsibility for the bar that have made him stand out as being an instrumental member of hall life over the last year. In recent years management of the hall bars handled centrally by the University and as such the Bar Senior Resident has the unenviable task of ensuring the bar runs smoothly; having to liaise with the university to arrange things like late licences, stock and all the other day-to-day aspects that make the bar function. In this role he has lead the bar to one of its most financially successful years.
Accounting & Finance
Ashraf first came to Manor Hall in 2012 as an undergraduate to read for a degree in Accounting & Finance, which was conferred upon him by the University this year. Throughout his time at the University he has played an active role in the life of the hall, sitting on the JCR Committee last year and being a constant source of help and support to this year’s Committee. Besides from his efforts towards the JCR, Ashraf has also played in a key role in MAD over the last year, not least in his role as conductor for their Disney Cabaret. For his three years at the University Ashraf has been one of the most dependable individuals in the Manor Hall Community and he is a truly worth recipient of the Elton House Award.



Isobel first came to Manor Hall in 2012 to read Biochemistry. Her first year saw Manor undergo its most extensive refurbishment work since it first opened in 1932 and as such things were a little disjointed seeing Clifton Hill House play host for most of the Hall's social activities. Isobel was elected President of the Junior Common Room for the 2013/14 year and had the unenviable task of trying to refoster the Manor community spirit in a Hall that she'd never actually been resident in before. Her efforts and those of her committee saw her nominated to receive the Elton House Award, in the opinion of the Awards Committee this was eminently well deserved!

English & Classical Studies

Kane first came to Manor Hall in 2012 to read for English & Classical Studies. Since arriving in Hall he has been activitely involved in the life of Manor Amateur Dramatics (MAD) and his efforts in getting this off the ground so spectatularly after the Hall being closed for a year for refurbishment works is what lead to him being nominated and ultimately winning the 2014 Elton House Award. MAD plays an integral role in the life of the Hall and it is where many Manor residents get their first real taste of the community that everyone seems to wax lyrical about and it is for Kane's efforts both on productions and the MAD Committee itself that in the opinion of the Awards Committee made him such a worthy recipient of this year's second Elton House Award.



Rich first came to Manor in 2011 and has served as Secretary both on the Junior Common Room Committee and this year, the Association itself. His greatest contribution, however, has been his devoted work towards Manor Amateur Dramatics. He was instrumental in the success of the most recent performances of ‘And Then There Were None’ and ‘Road’ and is producing this years production of ‘Mostellaria’. With this award we recognise, celebrate and thank his loyalty and hard-work for the Hall and its members. Congratulations Rich.



Howard arrived at Tottenham Place, Manor Hall and the University from Hong Kong in 2011. From the start, he was very keen to get involved with hall life as much as possible. He is a very popular and hard-working student. He was elected JCR President in May 2012, the first International Student to be elected to the position in many years. The MHA wishes that his year as JCR President goes well in this difficult year with the main building being closed and that he lives up to the award he has been given!

Computer Science

Philip has being an asset to the hall ever since he arrived in 2010. In his first year he was involved with the environmental action group in the hall. His love of technical equipment meant he became JCR Tech Rep at the end of his first year, under the Presidency of Henry Mohanraj. He has also been involved with the technical side of Manor Amateur Dramatics (MAD) productions, taking over the role of Keith Upton, a previous recipient of the EHA. Philip has shown great dedication to all aspects of JCR events, often being the last there tidying up even though he lived out of Manor for the year and it was a few miles to get home! The MHA looks forward to his continued involvement in the hall.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Keith recieved the Elton House Award at the end of his four years at Bristol. Keith has been involved with the technical side of every Manor Amateur Dramatics (MAD) production since he first arrived at the hall in 2007. After living in Manor Hall for his first year he returned for his second year as JCR Tech Rep, a CU leader and helping with MAD productions. His initiative and reliability made him a very important asset to the hall. Keith graduated with a first in July 2011.