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Manor Hall Bar: A History - A Bar Manager's Perspective by Howard Chan

Back in 2012-13, we didn’t have our own main hall facilities for a year while the main building was refurbished. So when we came back to start working in the summer of 2013, it was a real challenge trying to figure out most things in the refurbished Common Room/ the Bar area.

One of the biggest change to the hall was that a wall between the JCR and the bar was knocked down and replaced by a flexible partition unit. With a fresh team of JCR and bar staff, this change slowly became a really spectacular experience because we could afford to go a little crazy as to make more personal touches when we install new spotlights, paintings, plaques and two brand new television units! The JCR/Bar has slowly become more popular and versatile than ever with day and night events (Guitar hero play-offs, Lord of the Rings marathons, N64 parties/ UV silent discos, Open mics, Garden parties, masquerade ball and many more.)

Getting a larger combined room for event decorations that looks out to the back garden of Manor Hall was not only practical but conveys better the bar and Manor Hall’s intent - to welcome all residents and provide a relaxing and comfortable spot. It was a true pleasure to be a member of the bar and Manor Hall.

Article originally published in the Issue 9, Summer 2020 newsletter.


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