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Convocation Awards 2013 - Richard Buxton

Following his recent Elton House Award, Richard Buxton received the prestigious Convocation Award in December 2013 which recognises outstanding service to the University national and international communities.

For his contributions to Manor Hall and Heswall Disabled Children's Holiday Fund, Rich was presented the award by the Chancellor of the University, Baroness Hale of Richmond.

On receiving the award Rich said " I was nominated for my work towards the Manor Hall JCR and drama societies, both of which suffered during the recent building work. I would like to thank my proposer and supporters for this award, but I must stress that I am just one of dozens of people who have helped the Hall through this difficult time. This includes my fellow MHA committee members, and I look forward to working with them over the coming year."

His proposer, President of the Association and Head Warden, Dr Martin Crossley Evans MBE says “Richard is noted for his teamwork, his enthusiasm, cheerfulness and all-round commitment which are a tribute to him, to the hall, and to the University.”


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