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Newly Elected Junior Common Room Committee 2015-2016

The Easter term this year saw the election of new officers for Manor Hall's Junior Common Room Committee. After a tremendously successful Welcome Week, the Junior Common Room Committee, and current residents in Manor Hall, voted and elected five first-year students to join them on the committee. The newly elected students will be joining the committee in time for the preparation of Manor Hall's first formal event of the year this Friday.

This is an excellent opportunity as it allows current residents to become heavily involved in the hall right from the start.

The new officers for 2015/16 are:

  • Presidents: Hakeem Kushoro and Tom Phillips

  • Vice President: Chibueze Ukachi

  • International Reps: Srish Nair and Sean Harvey

  • Treasurer: Sabine Rannio

  • Tech Rep: Nicholas Chedgey

  • Sports Rep: Alice McGill

  • Entertainment Reps: Clair Hargreaves and Michael Sheridan-Warburton

  • Archivist: Samya Sarfaraz

  • First Year Rep: Lucy Dayer

This year the committee has two joint presidents, with one residing in Manor Hall and one living outside for second year. We are hoping that this will encourage participation and nostalgic spirit from current students at the university who resided here previously.

As always, the MHA wishes them the best of luck in their new roles and is excited to work with them closely over the upcoming year.

To hear more from the committee, or to ask further questions, you can contact them via the JCR's email:


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