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Obituary for Mrs Ruth Mary Burle (Neé Gregory)

Mrs Ruth Mary Burle neé Gregory

died February 2019, aged 91

Ruth Gregory came to live in Manor Hall in 1945 as an undergraduate student. She remained at Manor throughout her University career, leaving with a BA Hon in French (1948) and a Certificate of Education (1949). She was active in the hall community and was elected Senior Student (now JCR President) in 1948/49 and became a member of the Manor Hall Association from 1948.

She worked as a primary school teacher, which suited her warm and caring personality, for a number of years, finally settling in Thurcaston in Leicestershire with her husband, Derek, and their two adopted children. She remained actively involved in the Manor Hall Association throughout her life, initially assisting the Association’s first Secretary, Miss Winnie Armstead, for a period of around 20 years and thereafter taking on the role herself from 1987-2006, when the Association temporarily went into abeyance, and by which time she had also been appointed to the position of Association Vice-President. For over 35 years she organised the Association’s annual newsletters, corresponding with around 300 members, and coordinated the annual reunion at Manor Hall at Easter. (This was in the days when many Manor residents vacated their rooms during vacations, allowing them to be let to visitors.) Her husband also became involved with the Association and served for a number of years as Treasurer.

Ruth also maintained links with the University, and served as a graduate Representative on Court between 2002 and 2012. In 2004, she was awarded the University’s Convocation Medal in recognition of her lifetime of service to the Association and University. Towards the end of her life she was in poor health and was largely looked after by her sister and son.


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